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Internetified “Hey June, don´t make it bad” 2022

Internetified: Monthly playlist by Internetified, with twentyfive songs from artists with music on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Internetified “Hey June, don´t make it bad” 2022
New from January 2022: The five most recently added artists will have links to their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, if the links are on the artists’ Spotify.

1. Per Bronco Karlsson: In the Dirt I Shall Survive (Demo Version) Instagram Twitter Facebook
2. Hanging Gardens: Paradox Instagram Facebook
3. Rare Elements: Tonight Instagram Twitter Facebook
4. Pamela Illanes-Tatsuoka: In Contrast Instagram Facebook
5. Myckael Marcovic: Ma fée d’hiver Instagram Twitter Facebook
6. Portobello Express: The Sea Rises Instagram Twitter Facebook
7. Ossler: Jonas
8. Johnny & the Box: Scapegoat Twitter
9. Uncharted Course: Evil Came to Town
10. Kluane Takhini: Peace Begins With A Smile Facebook
11. Masahiro Shinoda: Captive of the Future Twitter
12. Elenniyah: The Glowing Stamp Twitter Facebook
13. Per Bronco Karlsson/Tibet in reverse: Kill Bill Drill Skill Instagram Twitter Facebook
14. Mark Welles: Away Instagram Twitter Facebook
15. The Jesus And Mary Chain: Låt Facing up to the Facts Instagram Twitter Facebook
16. Pisgah: (It Always Feels Like) December Instagram
17. David Michael Mawby, Just David: The Invisible Man
18. Viola Moonshape: All Your Shame Instagram Facebook
19. Kaeli95: Paranoia
20. ALL MY MONSTERS: The Needle and the Pinstripeman Instagram Facebook
21. Per Bronco Karlsson: Thursday´s Child Instagram Twitter Facebook
22. SuZanne Ledwith: On Your Skin
23. Jae Ordon: You Are The Light Instagram
24. Jackie Kroczynski: Nurse Jane Instagram Facebook
25. Carina T: Bucket List Facebook

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Internetified “Hey June, don´t make it bad” 2022