Internetified October 2020

Internetified October was the first playlist by Internetified, with ten songs from artists with music on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Internetified October 2020
1. Per Bronco — Melancholia
2. Amanda Kim Sanderson — Four Long Seasons In Solitude
3. E-Ruizzo — Silvia II (Lo que siento por ti)
4. Ricardo Da Silva — Rivers Of Stone
5. Karlit-O-Kay (K-O-K) — Kann`s Denn Das Schon Gewesen Sein? (Could That Have Been It?)
6. Calyx Kre — Laws Of The Universe
7. Wane of Summer — Closer
8. Darren Sullivan — The Prarie Life
9. Tea Are Sea — Learning to Live Underwater (Oceanic II)
10. Tetsnical — Pulsing Under Lightning

Download Internetified October 2020 as a pdf
Internetified October 2020